Inside packer-builder-arm-image

As someone who has worked embedded project on occasion, I needed to a consistent way to automatically prepare embedded images, pre-loaded with code (especially in the world of cheap SD-cards). The challenge is ofcourse, that embedded images use a different CPU architecture. That's why packer-builder-arm-image was created.

Recovering Lupa's back up file password.

A friend of mine is using the authoring software Lupa to create a family album. Lupa helps you author albums and then receive a printed copy of the album you created in the software. The software is given for free. Lupa makes its business from the printed albums people order.

Something weird with Waze

Yesterday, around midnight I drove around with Waze for the Android where all of a sudden, the program exited! We tried to re-run it, but it persistent, and each time it re exited!