vSphere VMs file system browsing support for muCommander

During my work at Intigua, I wrote a patch to mucommander, that enables it to view files of virtual machines in VMware vSphere based hypervisors. The patch is available in mu-commander nightly (that will become 0.9.1).

I wrote it because our testing environment simulates a complex IT network - so some of the machines are not accessible via TCP\IP. I can use the patched muCommander to access those machines!

Hopefully this can help system administrators managme machines more easily.

This features uses vSphere APIs that are avialable from vSphere 5 and up, and requires vmware tools installed on the guest OS. You also need valid credentials not only to the vSphere server, but also to the guest virtual machine.

My company agreed to release the patch back to the community, and it should be in the next version of muCommander (version 0.9.1). If you can't wait, just compile muCommander from the latest sources, or download the attached .jar file, which contains my changes.